8 de noviembre del 2017, miércoles

His round head that I loved hugging
His big brown eyes
His perfectly long eyelashes
The freckle on the tip of his nose
His straight teeth
The way his ears poke out just so
The Old English tattoo of the letter C on his thigh
His soccer player calves
His big round toes
The way he held my hand
The safety and security of his hugs
His dance before getting into the shower
His singing
The birthmark on his forearm that he shares with his grandma
His snoring
His sleep talk
The way he says “tongue”
His goofy jokes
His laugh.


Wedding in Tahoe

9 de octubre del 2017, lunes

Fitz and I had a lake side wedding to go to in Tahoe. I was so excited to have this quick weekend getaway with Fitz. We never got to leave downtown let alone travel anywhere because Fitz didn’t like taking time off. Everyone downtown knew Fitz so we never got to have time to ourselves. Although it was nice to spend time with so many friends, I sometimes very much wanted to be the only thing he payed attention to-just for one second. We enjoyed the sights on our drive up. We sang along to the playlist on the ipod and Fitz streamed a soccer game on his phone. We got a suite at the hotel with a hot tub and it was all very romantical in a finely tacky way. We threw our stuff everywhere and rushed to the rehearsal. After lunch and exploring the strip, Fitz and I checked out the local dive and grabbed a bottle of vodka from the liquor store to take back to our room.

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Back Home

13 de agosto del 2017, domingo

The flight back from New York took forever. Fitz was picking me up and we couldn’t wait to see each other again. The airplane landed, Alyssa, Monique and I grabbed our luggage and headed out of the airport to wait for our rides. It felt weird parting with Alyssa and Monique having had spent the last two weeks with them. Saying goodbye felt sad but I caught a glimpse of Fitz driving up in the car and gave them both a hug. I thanked them for the amazing adventures and told them how much I loved them. I quickly hopped into the car and said hello to my fella. I felt nervous and my heart was skipping. We pulled into our garage and Fitz carried my bag up to the apartment while I talked his ear off about all the things I saw. Once inside, I immediately opened up my suitcase in the middle of the living room to pull out the gift I had gotten him, a snow globe with New York’s skyrises. Fitz took the globe out of the box and smiled, told me he loved me and that he had missed me too much. He grabbed my face and kissed me and gave me a big bear hug. Clothes flew off in the kitchen and we ended up in the living room. Coming up for air and some shots of vodka, I felt I was finally home. I never wanted to leave this warm and happy place again.

New York, NY

1 de agosto del 2017, martes

Postmark: June 5, 2014


What can I say about New York? It’s New York! I am so in love with this city! We are lucky enough to be staying at a friends apartment in the very heart of Manhattan (Broadway and Wall Street!). So far we have gone to a Broadway show (Once), hunted for the statues in Central Park (Alice in Wonderland, Hans Christian Anderson, and  Shakespeare), got caught in another rain storm, and today we went to the Empire State Building! Alyssa’s work has an office there and we were able to in as her guests. We got to go to the top and soaked in the beautiful view. My moms friend took Monique and I to the 9/11 memorial and told us how wrecked the whole city was. She told us her experience of the tragedy, where she and her family members were when it happened, and how many people got stuck and stranded as the bridges were closed down. There was a lovely memorial for the firefighters as well. Tomorrow we plan on going to High Line Park, which is super cool because it was an old railroad that has been converted into a park! Continue reading “New York, NY”

Philadelphia, PA

24 de julio, 2017, lunes

Postmark: June, 2 2014


I miss you! Today was an interesting day. I think the three of us were a little overdosed on history from D.C. but we toughed it out. We stood in line to see the Liberty Bell! We waited FOR.EVER and pretty much lost our minds and took a picture at “LOVE Park.” Well, we held up a postcard of the sign of LOVE Park and tagged ourselves in it. We did get to touch a piece of the original Liberty Bell and that was pretty cool. When we got done there, we decided to walk across the street and over a small chain rope. A random man started yelling at us and  chased us back into the street. Luckily, there was no oncoming traffic so we kept walking around that same building until we found a nice abandoned bench to sit on. There were a lot of shady trees around and a statue (there are a lot of statues) of some random person. One of us Googled where we were because it seemed like an official place. It turns out that we had just gotten ourselves kicked out of Independence Hall. How were we supposed to know? Continue reading “Philadelphia, PA”

Washington, D.C.

24 de mayo del 2017, miércoles

Postmark: June 1,  2014

Hello Lover,

The drive from Nashville to D.C. was a real adventure! It was my turn to drive and we spent 3 hours stuck on the highway and only went 10 miles! To say that it was a nightmare would be an understatement. Seeing a tractor stuck in traffic with us was something I never thought I’d see. This bump in the road had us contemplating weather or not to sleep in the car at a rest stop. Alyssa was our champion and drove the whole night through Virginia. We checked into our really cool hotel at almost 4am. The morning was rough and a few shots of very low end vodka and coffee woke us right up. We spent our whole day walking around The National Mall. We also spent a lot of time pointing at things asking “what’s this? what’s that?” We did it so much that we ended up singing our own version of the Nightmare Before Christmas tune-with some revisions, of course.

We met up with Monique’s cousin, Jessica, and she became our tour guide (we no longer had to sing). We went to The Museum of Natural History and we got to see The Hope Diamond and it was beautiful! We just barely made it to The National Gallery, which houses the only DaVinci in the United States. It is really quite special as the whole back is painted with an inscription that no one knew was there!
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