Washington, D.C.

24 de mayo del 2017, miércoles

Postmark: June 1,  2014

Hello Lover,

The drive from Nashville to D.C. was a real adventure! It was my turn to drive and we spent 3 hours stuck on the highway and only went 10 miles! To say that it was a nightmare would be an understatement. Seeing a tractor stuck in traffic with us was something I never thought I’d see. This bump in the road had us contemplating weather or not to sleep in the car at a rest stop. Alyssa was our champion and drove the whole night through Virginia. We checked into our really cool hotel at almost 4am. The morning was rough and a few shots of very low end vodka and coffee woke us right up. We spent our whole day walking around The National Mall. We also spent a lot of time pointing at things asking “what’s this? what’s that?” We did it so much that we ended up singing our own version of the Nightmare Before Christmas tune-with some revisions, of course.

We met up with Monique’s cousin, Jessica, and she became our tour guide (we no longer had to sing). We went to The Museum of Natural History and we got to see The Hope Diamond and it was beautiful! We just barely made it to The National Gallery, which houses the only DaVinci in the United States. It is really quite special as the whole back is painted with an inscription that no one knew was there!

Eleanor Roosevelt
“The Structure of world peace cannot be the work of one man, or one party, or one nation…It must be a peace which rests on the cooperative effort of the whole world.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Just before sunset, cousin Jessica drove us to the different memorials. They seemed to really change with the lighting and became very powerful somehow. The Lincoln Memorial was one of our favorites. We got to stand on the same steps that so many others did before us and we couldn’t help but think of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. standing in the exact same spot delivering his famous speech. Having just been in the Southern states, the monument made me really reflect on our country’s past. I felt a great pain knowing how much others had unfairly suffered. It made me question how all the atrocious things were even allowed to happen if we are all but human. How could it be possible that we are that wicked?

These thoughts followed me to the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial. It looks like a sleek black wall but it is anything but. The wall starts just below your ankle. As you keep moving you are suddenly consumed by all of the names, by all of the people who lost their lives much too soon. I began to imagine their families and the wall got taller and taller. I found myself overwhelmed by the faces I imagined and names that I read until the wall began to shrink again.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial is where I broke down. The sound of the fountain in the background made it sound as if it were raining. The somber faces of the troops looked eerie. Walking around the monument, I could almost hear the men calling out to one another. I could see them walking with caution. I felt their fear of not knowing what was up ahead. I heard them whisper to each other and I, like them, feared for my life.

Cousin Jessica took us back to our hotel, Helix Hotel, which had a nice and funky décor maybe 50/60’s. We changed relaxed and decided to go to The W (W Washington D.C. Hotel) to dance. We hung out and danced out on the patio that overlooked most of the monuments that were beautifully lit up. I feel that words and pictures do not do D.C. justice.

I love and miss you too much



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