Nashville, TN

15 de mayo del 2017, lunes

Postmark: May 30,  2014


Nashville has been joyously filled with non-stop amazing live music! This is truly the place to be for anyone that wants to make it in the music business, even our Airbnb hostess is involved in the music scene and her husband is currently on tour himself. We have been bouncing around from bar to bar where the energy is so high and lively both day and night. We dressed up a little fancy last night and went to a really cool speakeasy called The Patterson House. The craft cocktails were deliciously on point and the atmosphere was really relaxing. Alyssa told us there were rules we had to follow and one  was no staring at celebrities. We heard a rumor that Kirsten Dunst had been there a couple nights before us.

The other rule was that boys were not allowed to talk/approach girls unless they were invited to do so. I think every bar should apply that rule immediately.

There were no televisions in the bar, which made it really nice to have conversations. We got to hang out with Alyssa’s family and met her niece who sat up for the first time on her own while we were visiting. Her brother took us all, baby included, to the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge in the evening and we got to see the city all lit up.
I hope we could come here soon.


Ps. I’m pretty sure I stepped in dog poop when I was on the phone with you. I suppose it’s my own fault for walking around the grass in a public place with no shoes on.


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