Memphis, TN

6 de mayo del 2017, sabado

Postmark: May 29, 2014


We made it to Memphis! The rental car we got at the airport leaving NOLA was quite the surprise. Monique and Alyssa were looking at a nice shiny silver SUV and I spotted the number that matched the ticket the lady gave us. Right there in front of me was a bright red 2015 Chevrolet EQUINOX…with Texas plates. There we stood, three liberal California girls stuck with a red Texan car. An attendant saw us gazing at the car with what I can only imagine were 3 very sad faces because he asked if there was anything wrong with it, our response was “no, it’s just from Texas.” He didn’t quite get it. We named the beast Texas Red. After about 6 hours on the road from NOLA to Memphis, the first thing on our to-do list was to experience Beal Street. We checked into the hotel and got out of our road clothes and into our cute outfits. We were ready to immerse ourselves in the live music but most of the bars were already locked up and shut down for the night. There were just a handful of people out and Alyssa rightfully declared,

“Memphis is closed.”

We found one bar that was still open and decided to have a few drinks because when in Rome… We quickly ran into an insolent, drunk schmuck.

Alyssa and Monique got seats at the bar and I went to pee. When I got back, they were chatting with a couple of guys. One of them was very cordial but the other one! After being introduced he told me my name should not be Sherry because the name did not match the color of my skin. I looked at the girls and with my eyes and not so subtle expression asked “is this guy serious?” He was especially rude to us when we told him we were from California. He went off calling us rich, spoiled, brats who never had to work hard for the things we have in our life and how easy it was for us to just pick up and go traveling. I am just going to blame Hollywood for the misrepresentation as none of his assumptions are valid. The three of us worked really hard and saved as much as we could for this trip and we always opted the cheapest options! I left the bar top at this point and went to a cocktail table nearby to cool down. The dude followed me and proceeded to talk crap about Mexicans. Alyssa and Monique know me well enough to know when I’ve reached my limit so we asked for our check and left, deciding that getting some rest in our shared hotel room would be safer.

In the morning we prepared ourselves to visit The King that is Elvis in Graceland! We attempted to imitate Elvis’ style but due to our tight schedule, we had to take turns driving. Alyssa gave us all appropriately big southern hair in the back seat of Texas Red. We spent the day at Graceland and got to take a tour of Elvis’ large estate which included: his awesome wardrobe, musical awards, two airplanes,  amazing car collection, and more. We even got caught in a southern summer rainstorm and got soaked while running back to the car but it was so much fun!


P.s. I miss your face.

Greetings from GRACELAND!

Note to reader: Hi, I hope our photo inspires you to play a little Elvis and dance around-soo fun!


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