29 de abril del 2017, sabado

Postmark: May 27, 2014

Hello Lover,

            First of all let me tell you that having bars in airports is the best idea ever! Alyssa, Monique and I (SAM) treated ourselves to mimosas after having to wake up early to get to SFO on time. Our flight to NOLA, however, was really…interesting. Monique and I got stuck sitting next to a crying baby and it was the worst. Once we landed, we got into a cab and gave him our destination. In order to get to our Airbnb, our taxi driver had to drive by the Super Dome. It looked so small and it was really hard to imagine how many people had to take refuge there when Hurricane Katrina demolished their city. We couldn’t start our epic vacation on a sad note though so today we went on a swamp tour! We got to feed marshmallows and hot dogs to some Alligators. Our tour guide told us that Alligators really like marshmallows, something to do with the sound they make when they splash on the water and not really for the taste.

“I’m not smiling in this picture.”

The weather was hot and humid so my hair was out of control! We went on a Haunted History Tour! We signed up for the grave tour and ended up on the vampire tour, which was ok. The tour guide took us to several famous locations like the mansion where Interview With the Vampire was filmed, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar (the oldest bar in the French Quarter), and finally to the Lalaurie House. After learning about all the horrors that happened in just this one little section of our guided tour, we took a moment to have a conversation about the  inhumanity that is so imbedded in our country’s history. My overall experience in NOLA was wonderful! We got to eat so many delicious local dishes, dance to amazing live music, and see more than just the sights, thanks to our nice Airbnb host. He told us not to dip our feet in the Mississippi River because all the gross stuff that flows through there. NOLA was full of welcoming people (I even made friends with the sweetest three legged dog) who really made me feel spoiled as they kept calling us “baby.” I have fallen in love with this city and hope we could visit together soon.


P.s. I miss your snoring.


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