#SAM Trip

22 de abril del 2017, sábado

Alyssa, Monique, and I had been itching to coordinate an epic adventure to go on together. Our squad was at its peak, texting, talking, drinking and smoking on the daily. Over the Christmas break; we decided to take a cross-country trip to New York City. We started spilling names out of all the places we wanted to go and Monique suggested we take a serious look at the map and familiarize ourselves with the geography of the USA. We spent several nights at Alyssa’s apartment trying to think of people we knew, SAMtripreaching out to family members who would let us crash on their couch or show us around. After consuming many bottles of wine, smoking an impressive amount of weed, and a short presentation, we had a plan. As soon as the semester ended, we would take two weeks off beginning Memorial Day weekend and fly to New Orleans.
From New Orleans we would make our way to Manhattan and spend one whole week exploring the city. Alyssa would work from the office in the Empire State Building and Monique and I would be free to wander around with no agenda.

This would be the first time Fitz and I would spend more than one night apart. We had become accustomed to sleeping together that thinking about being apart gave us both anxieties. Fitz of course was excited about me seeing the world and having fun with my friends. And so, with many “I’m going to miss you soo much” and “please, be safe. Call me if you need anything-no matter what time” SAM Trip (Sherry, Alyssa, Monique- Trip) began. Alyssa’s husband was picking Monique and I up from our respective homes early in the morning to drive us all to the airport. Alyssa called to let me know they were downstairs. I left Fitz asleep in our bed and with a big kiss on the cheek and the biggest bear hug possible, I grabbed my suitcase and walked out of our apartment-locking the door behind me. The pain of leaving for so long melted away as soon as I saw Alyssa and Monique’s smiling faces in the car. Adjusting my Fonzie V’s baseball cap, I smiled back singing “vacations all I ever wanted!” I convinced my two besties to have a little breakfast in the car-pocket vodka, whiskey, and rum. We had to start this long flight right so our pocket shots were quickly followed by screwdrivers on the airplane.

For the next two weeks, Fitz would text me and I’d call him- I would text him and he would call me. I’d be adjusting to the time difference to gauge when he would wake up for work to be sure we’d be able to chat. We would laugh, tell fart jokes, and I’d tell him about something exciting that I saw. Hanging up was always painful.


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