The Apartment

2 de abril del 2017, domingo

After two years at the blue house, our room seemed to be very tight. Our fur baby, Marley, was no longer a kitten and required much more space than we could offer. We had been cooking a lot more and needed more kitchen space. Not to mention the storage space we were lacking while accumulating things couples accumulate-mostly more shoes and clothes. We had reached our savings goal and applied to an apartment near the train station. The location was perfect as it was also closer to Fitz’ 2 bartending jobs at The Irish Pub and Fonzie V’s. We waited nine long months and finally heard back in February, a month into me starting a new school in a different city. Perfect timing. We were scheduled to look at a unit. It would not be the one we would be moving into but similar to the one opening up in March. Fitz and I were excited and took a tour of the grounds. Walking into the apartment, we saw a blank slate. A new beginning. Our lives together would start here, in this empty apartment that we would fill with love, with wild dreams, passion, and too many adventures. This was perfect for us!

We signed papers and got the keys to our apartment in March. Moving in the middle of the semester was a nightmare but the cousins let us take our things gradually. I made a home as best as I could in the little spare time I had. We were in disbelief. How could this awesome apartment be ours? Every time Fitz walked in the door he would say “I love my home.” My response was always “I love it too, and I love you.”

This apartment would soon become a place to gather to pregame before going out dancing or to hockey games. It was a place where breakfast was served with a Bloody Mary on weekends and martinis were shaken and extra dirty on mornings essays were being written. This was a place where quesadillas were made at 3am and we were never in want of vodka or Jameson. This was a place where the two of us could celebrate Taco Tuesdays with tequila at 12am. It was wonderful having a place my friends, Alyssa and Monique, could come to. Fitz was happy to see me glowing with joy. Our apartment gave us freedom! We had no rules to follow, we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. We could finally walk around naked! The best part was that we could smoke weed, drink,  and have sex whenever and wherever we wanted-bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, you name it-we banged there! By the end of the semester, in May, we had a furnished apartment (and balcony) with hanging art and live plants! Mission accomplished.


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