The Acceptance Letter

19 de marzo del 2017, domingo

As previously mentioned, I had been taking night classes at the community college while working sometimes up to two jobs. Except for that Spring semester when it was working two jobs and had to do a work study! What is that?! This had not been easy, but finishing school was something I had wanted and needed to do. Fitz was 110% supportive of this. He would encourage and pump me up when I was feeling defeated. When the time came to decide what I wanted to do, I chose English Literature. My school choices were East Bay or San Francisco. Naturally, I picked San Francisco. I applied, sent my transcripts and forgot about the whole thing. I got a letter in the mail one day from San Francisco State University. I waited for Fitz to come home to open it.

“Dear Sherry Portillo:

On behalf of the faculty, staff and admission, I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to San Francisco State University to begin study in Spring 2014.”

I had been accepted! We jumped up and down on the bed and we were both in tears. Things were moving forward. Dreams were coming true. Our hard work was paying off in the most wonderful way.

How was this ever going to work? People commute to San Francisco every day for work. I can load up on classes and only go up two days a week-easy. I can keep my part time jobs and work when I am not commuting. Homework could be done on the train and on weekends. Social life-who needs that?! I was terrified and needed reassurance, “Are we ready for this big change?” Fitz responded, “Yes, we got this mamma!” “Okay, love.” His “I love you” was all I needed to know that everything would be all right.

I began the semester at SFSU in January. I was delighted to be immersed in a world of literature, poetry, and rock & roll music, my  super awsome elective. I was exposed to authors and history and experienced emotions I had no idea could be expressed with such eloquence. I fell in love with the material and knew that this was my passion. I had selected the right path for my education. The work was hard and the professors were tougher than I’d ever imagined but I had the upmost respect for each and every one of them. I felt the need to prove myself to them. To show them how bad I wanted this and that I belonged there. Fitz would have to remind me to relax every now and then. He took care of me and tried to make sure the stress didn’t drive me too crazy. He would sometimes wake up early to make me breakfast. He would sometimes make dinner and have an extra dirty martini waiting for me when I got home. He was my biggest cheerleader and celebrated every single A I brought home. That will never be forgotten.


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