12 de marzo del 2017, domingo

Living together was everything we had imagined and more. We were having so much fun hanging out with the cousins, keeping up with our social lives, and learning how to cook.

We had gotten tired of eating out all of the time and to save money- we decided to start cooking at home. Eating meals not prepared in a microwave! What is that?! I mastered the veggies (oh, delicious veggies) while Fitz mastered the BBQ (endless possibilities). There was a lot of trial and error and when the errors happened we politely told each other that next time would be better because we would add or take away ingredients.

As the months went on, most of our activities started to drain us. I was working during the day and taking night classes at the community college. Doing homework well into 3am became the norm. Fitz took on more responsibilities at Fonzie V’s as his boss started to actually see Fitz’ amazing work ethic. Running off to the Boardwalk as we had done in previous years had become impossible. We were well overdue for a vacation.

It was August, it was warm, and we were both able to take time off. I called my mom to ask her if she would be willing to cat sit Marley. Of course! We packed my Nissan with a beach umbrella, beach chairs, beach towels, swimsuits and a cooler full of beer, vodka, chasers and snacks. This was the first (and last) vacation for us. We headed south to Cayucos, a small beach town near Morro Bay, at 10am and made it to our Airbnb by late afternoon. We had a view (and access) of the beach across the street, a hot tub on the balcony, fine dinning downstairs, and freshly baked cookies next door. Conditions were perfect.

We spent the next three days going to Avila beach, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, and even got adventurous enough to go to a nude beach! Fitz’ boss gave us gift cards to a nice restaurant and we had a fancy meal and cocktails over the beach. After dinner we walked down and had a romantic stroll on the beach with only the moonlight to guide us. It was easy to say that we were not ready to come back. We asked our host if we could possibly stay another night. “No, the place was booked” but he offered us the guesthouse behind his home where his children and grandchildren would stay when they went down to visit. Yes! We accepted and enjoyed another night and day in Cayucos.

We were sorry to have to come back to reality. It was nice to have that vacation as a daydream and a reminder of what to work towards. Keep going, keep working, keep saving. We can have it all one day.


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