22 de agosto del 2016, lunes

It was now January and Fitz and I were well into our first year of our relationship-nothing could come between us. We were spending every moment we had together. Going to games, hanging out with friends and family. Our relationship was on the road to forever. One day Fitz told me he wanted to get me something special. I had no idea what he was talking about, “What do you mean something special? I don’t need anything- I already have you.” He said he wanted to get me a Promise Ring-the first step to forever. We jumped in my car and drove to the jewelry store. We walked around and everything seemed too expensive and out of our means. Fitz called me over to the case and pointed to a ring and said “That one.” It was small and delicate with a hidden sapphire stone inside the band. It was perfect. We got it sized and he placed the order. Fitz got a call after about a week telling him the ring was ready. We raced over to the store with giddy excitement. They gave him the ring and we walked back to the car. The parking lot was dark but we sat in the seats and Fitz pulled out the ring. With tears in his eyes he promised to love me and take care of me. That this was the beginning but that when I was ready-we would move on to more serious things. He told me his heart was mine. With tears in my eyes I managed to say, “my heart is all yours. I am all yours.”


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