I Love You

19 de agosto del 2016, viernes

I blushed every time I looked into Fitz’ eyes. Glimpsing into his soul, I saw myself the way he saw me and at it was completely different- I was held in high esteem, I was admired, I was loved and suddenly, my own reflection was different to me. I was special to him. All the girly magazines and any girl can tell you that the girl is NEVER to say “I Love You” first. Well, being the rebel that I am and never caring what others say or think- I broke those rules. We were in his room one afternoon doing well, what couples do. The sunlight was right, the timing was perfect and I bashfully looked up, he knew what I was going to say. He blushed and smiled but I somehow knew it was ok, I was safe, I would not be rejected but embraced so I said it. I said, “Fitz, I love you.” I tucked my head into his shoulder trying to hide but he pulled me out and said, “I love you.” I told him I had wanted to say it for a long time but was afraid he didn’t feel the same. Fitz told me he had wanted to say it the first time we were together but he held off not wanting to scare me off or make me think he was moving too fast. The world fell into place and I knew he was where I was meant to be. Nothing else mattered because my heart was filled with absolute pure joy.


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