March First

22 de junio del 2016, miércoles

Fitz and I had been spending every free second we had with each other. We never spent a night apart. Our phones were constantly full of “I miss you” and “Cant wait to see you” texts. When hanging out in large groups, we would give each other secret looks and would separately sneak away into the men’s or women’s bathrooms. We had a routine down and there isn’t a bathroom downtown I could think of that we did not escape into. When we rejoined the group, we would get suspicious looks and little smirks, as our dopey smiles were a dead give away of what we had just been up to. We were that couple who made out everywhere at any given time. We were disgusting with the public display of affection and it was exhilarating.

Introducing each other had become awkward, “this is my…this is…my…friend?” The response was always the same, “You guys are soo cute!”

Hockey games had become our staple date and the jersey Fitz had given me became my uniform (it hasn’t been washed in 4 years). Per usual, we went to the Fire Fighter Bistro for wings, beer, and Jamo on March 1st  2011. We went to the game, had beers, got rowdy, and went back to San Pablo Square to join our friends for more drinks and to hang out. We were both shit faced and got a cab home. We stumbled upstairs to my bedroom not caring who was home or what time it was. The lamp on the nightstand was turned on and something changed. Fitz had become serious and his nerves were back and my only thought was “oh no, this is over.” He sat me down at the edge of the bed and kneeled in front of me and started talking to me in Spanish-this was serious. He told me I was so beautiful and that he didn’t know how he had managed to get a girl like me- a girl so out of his league. He told me he loved spending time with me and asked me to be his “novia.” I immediately grabbed his round melon head and kissed him. I said yes and clothes and limbs flew everywhere. When we woke up in the morning I asked him how drunk he had been the night before and if he remembered anything. He smiled and said “of course I remember everything.” I blushed and my heart was bursting with…what is the word? Happiness, joy, excitement, love…


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