Happy Birthday

15 de junio del 2016, miércoles

February. By this time Fitz was used to being over at the house next to the Thai restaurant. He had made friends with all 7 other roommates and no longer needed me to come downstairs to let him in the house. He even had his own bike parking spot next to my bike in the backyard. We were unofficially living together.

Melinda and I came up with birthday week as her day fell on the 17th and mine on the 18th. We started the celebrations on the eve of the 16th to stretch it out. The party didn’t end until well after my birthday.

I was at my dresser/bar top finishing up my make-up when Fitz snuck in the room. “Hey, I’m almost ready. Do you want to take a shot?” I noticed he was nervous. “Sure.” He said he had gotten me a present and I should open it. I told him I’d open it later-we were running late and should get going soon. Melinda came in the room  and told me I should open the present-I would love it. Melinda poured our Jamo shots-I had successfully converted Fitz over to Jamo from Jack. I told him he didn’t have to get me anything. I opened up the plastic bag he brought over and pulled out a hockey jersey. It had number 16’s name on the back-my favorite player-he remembered. I was shocked and told him it was too much. I didn’t deserve this. I didn’t deserve him. I tried on the jersey and it fit perfectly! I gave him a hug and kissed him. I was happy.

We were all finally ready and I ended up having to drive so I didn’t drink. The place we went to was one of Fitz’ first jobs. I had no idea. We snuck away from the large group and I listened and watch Fitz reminisce about the good old days. He even showed me a few pictures of him and his friends the place had hanging on the walls.

It felt good to know his history and I was honored he had shared that with me. This moment meant more to me than the hockey jersey he gave me.

Everyone else was trashed, except for Fitz and I, so we decided to head back home.

On the 18th, my actual birthday, my mom and sister invited me to dinner. I asked them if I could invite my guy friend. This was new but they said yes. Fitz was nervous to meet my mom and as we approached the house, he started sweating and freaking out. I found his nerves endearing and my heart swelled. I told him everything would be fine. My mom would love him because he is a respectful gentleman with great values. He had nothing to worry about. They teased me during dinner and made jokes to make him comfortable and to let him know he had nothing to be nervous about. He relaxed. My mom told Fitz I was nonrefundable. He told her he would never have a reason to return me. My sister and mom immediately let him into their hearts. After dinner my mom told me I had finally gotten it right. He was the one for me. Fitz held my hand and I gave it a squeeze. I was happy and I blushed. How could I be so lucky? I suddenly knew what was happening to me. I was falling in love.


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