House Call

23 de mayo del 2016, lunes

My poor choice to walk home bare foot in the wee hours on New Year’s Day came with heavy reproductions. I got a really bad cold that interfered with all plans that contained the word fun in them. This put a hamper on any plans involving Fitz and that sucked more than I had imagined. Fitz told me not to worry, that he would see me anyway. He didn’t care about getting sick. I panicked-how cute could I possibly look coughing up loogies, blowing my nose, and having that yellow/green tint on my face that comes along for the ride? I agreed anyway because I couldn’t resist. I had come to learn that jeans and black high top Nike Air Force 1’s were Fitz’s fancy clothes and that he preferred to be in cargo shorts, t-shirts, and DC’s. He made the house call wearing jeans while I was in pajamas.

Fitz called to tell me he was outside so I went downstairs to get him. Why was he so handsome? I led him through the collection of empty beer cans and whisky bottles left out for recycling (yeah, our house was a party house) and the pile of dirty dishes. I led him up the stairs to my purple room and apologized for the disaster but I had no closet and had to make due with the shelving I had available. He didn’t mind. I had been watching The Shinning and asked if he had ever watched it “No.” I started it over “I can’t believe you’ve never seen this movie.” I cleared the used tissues off of my bed and offered him a seat.

He was so nervous it was laughable. Could I really make someone feel this way?

My TV was a hand-me-down that I graciously took off the hands of friend who was trying to get rid of it. The picture had a permanent red tint to it and I had to smack it on the side to get it going. Fitz thought this was strange and laughed at me. He called my TV horrible “how could you watch anything on here?” “It’s ok, it still works.” I pulled out some pot from my nightstand while the credits started and asked Fitz if he wanted some. His eyes grew wide as he was not expecting me to enjoy this habit. He said he was ok and seemed pleased and eager to learn what other things I’d surprise him with. I asked if he minded if I smoked it-“no, go ahead. I might have some later.” Well at least he didn’t judge me and was ok with it. We talked through the entirety of The Shining and I wanted to stay up so turned on a bright cartoon with cute forest critters getting horribly mutilated and dying in the most unlikely and gruesome circumstances. Fitz asked for some pot at this point. We watched a few of these shorts and I took my NyQuil. Fitz said he would leave but it was late and I really didn’t want him to go. I loved his company so we passed out. I woke up, the TV was still on and because I didn’t have a remote, I had to climb out of bed to push the power button. Fitz was asleep with all of his clothes on-shoes included-over the bed covers. He used his jacket as a blanket. What a gentleman. I grabbed a few extra blankets and covered him before crawling back into my side. I am sure I coughed, snored, and sneezed in his face that night but when we woke up in the morning it was as if he had just woken up from the best sleep of his life. Fitz was mindful and caring. This was the first of many times he’d nursed my illnesses back to  health. I remember thinking that whatever this was-it was absolutely something I could get used to and something I wanted the rest of my life.


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