New Year’s Eve

17 de mayo del 2016, martes

Fitz was persistent. He told me he didn’t want to give up, he really liked me and he would do what it took to win my affection. He talked to my ex and told him he wanted to date me. My ex told him I deserved to go out with someone like Fitz and that he would respect our relationship. Having soon after run into my ex, I was told the same thing. My ex told me he had talked to Fitz and that I should really try to give him a chance, that he was a nice guy with nothing but good intentions. Hearing someone else vouch for Fitz for the nth time I took the initiative to make a date. I sent him a text.

i December 22, 2010

Wednesday 7:10 PM

Hey, do you have plans for New Years?

Hi, I have to work at Fonzie V’s

Would it be ok for me to come if you
don’t already have a date?

I don’t have a date
You should come

I had a few days to look for the perfect dress and finally found one last minute-a strapless sparkly gold number that could not have been more perfect. I spent December 31st performing several superstitious rituals while watching Pearl Harbor with Josh Harnett and Ben Affleck. I cleaned my room to get rid of any negativity. I put lentils in my purse for wealth at noon. I bought and wore new yellow underwear for love. I lit a green candle for health. I bought the grapes for my 12 wishes even though I wasn’t going to be able to eat them at midnight. The effort counts right? I was determined to make the New Year mine.

Melinda rushed home from work. We got ready, took shots, and made sure the red lipstick was flawless. We got to Fonzie V’s early, probably the first and only time this has ever happened. Fitz was getting the bar prepped- Melinda and I made a B-line for the bathroom. We ran into Fitz near the stage when we came out and he didn’t recognize me and I was devastated so Melinda punched him in the arm and said “It’s Sherry!” Fitz did a double take-jaw dropping and dazed-as he walked back behind the bar- “Oh. My. God. Hi!” The crowed started to filter in along with Melinda’s date. The DJ played nothing but the best songs and it is easy to say that we danced the year away. Fitz and I could not keep our eyes off of each other. Soon, all I heard was 10…9…8…Fitz ditched the bar and rushed to my side. We both joined in on the count down 7…6…5…4…3…2…ONE. We made out-shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR-made out some more. Fitz was fumbling with his phone and when he got it out, he pointed the camera at us and took a picture of our New Year’s kiss- I blushed.

The party was far from being over but the bar had to close. Melinda had left with her date and the DJ invited me to the after party.  I extended the invitation to Fitz and he said he had to count the money and clean the bar but would go as soon as he was done. It started to get late…er…early and I didn’t want to wait anymore. The party started to wind down, people were passing out, and everyone was beyond trashed. I grabbed my heels from the corner, said bye to the few that were still standing, and made my way across campus to get home-barefoot and trying to avoid puddles.

Fitz called me the next day to tell me he was sorry he missed me. He showed up to the party shortly after I had left and finding everyone in their inebriated state, went home. He wanted to see me “could we meet later?” “Yes.” Fitz and I became one Heathcliff and Cathy Earnshaw-unable and unwilling to spend any time apart. This lasted three years and changed only because I went on a two week cross country road trip (#SAM Trip).

This was by far the BEST New Year’s I’ve had to date. Everything simply fell into place that day and it felt right-it felt like I had finally come home. I traded the bad boys, who had a special knack for breaking my heart, for a good guy who was beloved by all. I allowed myself to be swept away in the whirlwind of his being and he was exhilarating and an adrenaline rush like no other.

I left the picture Fitz took of our New Year’s kiss framed on our bedroom wall.


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