The First Date

15 de mayo del 2016, domingo

Shortly after our first kiss, Fitz asked me to go to a hockey game with him. I said yes, of course. As the week went by I started to get really nervous about it because I was starting to really like him and a date was definitely a little more serious. I thought about bailing on him the night before because I was afraid the date would go terribly wrong and that our fun flirtations would end. I needed some advice from someone with life experience and from someone I could trust-so I went to visit my mother. I told her I had a crush on a guy. She started to ask me a few questions about him:
His name? Fitz. His age? 29. Is he married? No. Does he have kids? No. OK, what is the problem? I don’t know. Does he live on his own or with his family? With his cousins.She told me not to bail on him, to try not to take things so seriously, and to “just go have fun.” She convinced me.

The next day, I got home from work changed into some jeans that made may ass look really good, some new flats, my hockey T-shirt, and a black zip-up. Melinda walked to San Pablo Square with me. We were going to have a predate shot to ease my nerves and she was going to stay to watch the game there and we planned to meet at the Fire Fighter Bistro after the date in case it didn’t go well. We were almost there when a car pulls up a little ways in front of us and and watched Fitz get out. He was getting dropped off to meet me. Melinda yelled for him. Fitz turned and walked toward us. He gave me a hug and we all walked to the Irish Pub to get some shots.

Fitz and I walked to the Ice Tank and talked some more. Out of the noise of the crowded bars, we discovered that we had some acquaintances in common.

We realized that we could have met each other 2 years prior because we went to the same events but had been missing each other by minutes. We are both a little weirded out by this trick Time had been playing on us and realize that timing really was everything.

This, however, meant that he knew my ex. Fitz confirmed. He not only was friends with my ex, they were also currently working together. This didn’t sit well with me, but I remembered my mom’s advice “just have fun.”

We got to the Ice Tank and got beers. We found our seats and I was impressed (lower level, row 19). The game started and I realized he didn’t know much about hockey. I explained to him what was going on, who the players were, and that #16 was my favorite. The game was over and our team won. We headed back to San Pablo Square for a few more drinks. I called a cab to take me home because my new flats had made my heels bloody and there was no way I was going to attempt that walk home. Fitz said he would split the cab with me and I agreed. The cab home is blurred to me now but I remember being upset. When we got to my house next to the Thai Restaurant, I told Fitz that I wouldn’t be able to see him again. This surprised him and he asked “why?” I told him that I couldn’t date my ex’s friends. I wasn’t a homie hopper, never have been and never will be. I told Fitz it made me uncomfortable to think that he and my ex had the possibility of talking about me and comparing experiences. I wasn’t an object. I thanked him for the fun evening but it just couldn’t happen again. I saw how Fitz’s expression completely changed from happy to heartbroken. I closed the cab door in his face and cried up the driveway to my room until I fell asleep. Fitz remembered this date as the first time I broke up with him.


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