The Kiss

9 de mayo del 2016, lunes

The semester was over and hanging out at Alyssa’s 9th street apartment had become a ritual. Every topic of conversation under the sun was on the table but a favorite was to rave about our new crushes and analyze the “what do you think he meant?” text messages and the “guess what he told me?” conversations. One day, Monique told us about a celebration at the Irish Pub she and her boyfriend, Jordan, were going to and invited Alyssa and I to join them. I mentioned the celebration to Fitz and that I’d be going. He said he had been planning on going for a little bit and that he could meet me there for a drink. Alyssa and I walked to the Pub together and met Monique who had somehow managed to get a table next to the cocktail station. We got glasses of champagne and cocktails.

Alyssa was in the middle of asking me when Fitz was going to arrive when I saw him walk through the door wearing jeans and a black jacket. Time seemed to play a trick on me as everything was suddenly happening in slow motion. The butterflies had quickly transformed into bats and my heart was desperately trying to escape out of my body. “I think I am going to throw up” was the only thing I managed to say before Fitz spotted me and walked to our table.

I was a heap of nerves and lost the ability to talk. He sat down next to me and offered our table a round of drinks. Seeing me dumbfounded, Alyssa and Monique came to my rescue and made small talk until Fitz had to leave to meet his friends. I embarrassingly blushed and said good-bye. When I caught my breath, I was irritated with myself-“How could I lose my cool so bad? What was wrong with me?” Monique and Alyssa told me I was fine. They thought Fitz was really nice and said they could tell he really liked me- they are too kind.

It could be assumed that Fitz and I were now texting, talking on the phone, and watching football and hockey at the Fire Fighter Bistro on the regular. It was Sunday Funday and Melinda and I were having a slice of pizza at Piece of My Heart when I decided to invite Fitz to have tot-chos, beer, and watch football at The Bar & Grill with us later. He asked, “Do they have a ticket?” I replied, “No, we’re just going to watch it at the bar.” He laughed and I didn’t get it. He said he had plans to barbecue with his cousins but that he would try to make it. There weren’t too many people out at The Bar & Grill, so Melinda and I made our way to San Pablo Square. I let Fitz know we had changed locations. Football was almost over and I didn’t know if he was going to make it out after all but alas, there he was. We hung out, got drunk, and it was time to go. He called himself a cab and we all walked out together. Melinda was talking with a friend so Fitz and I stepped aside to say good-bye. He gave me a strong, two arm hug. I slightly pulled away, looked up and asked, “Are you going to make a move or what?” He looked down, smiled, and gave me a kiss-our first.


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