Drunk Dial

 7 de mayo del 2016, domingo

I didn’t hear much from Fitz after Halloween and the holidays were quickly approaching and I was busy with work and making time for my family. I was in school, which meant less time going to Fonzie V’s and more time studying for finals and planning an end of the semester party with the besties, Alyssa and Monique. I got a phone call late one night-I still had my Halloween evil laugh ringtone on – I didn’t recognize the number but and indistinctly answered with a sleepy “hullo?” It was Fitz. He was drunk; he was thinking of me and wanted to know how I was doing. I thought it was going to be a booty call and was not interested in that sort of relationship with him so I cut the conversation short. He called again, but this time I answered with an irritated “hey.” He got the hint and with some despair, said good-bye. A third phone call. This time it was my friend, Andrea, from the Irish Pub and I answered, “Hey, Boo.” She immediately went off on me, “Sherry! What’s wrong with you?” I was confused. Was I in trouble? What did I do? I replied, “What?” She began,

“Fitz really likes you and you’ve just made him really sad. He is a great guy and you need to give him a chance!” I was excited to find out he saw me as more than a booty call, he respected and valued me-that’s new- and that he wanted to invest his time to get to know me. The butterflies returned. I am convinced and told her I would give him a chance. She told me to save his number in my phone and to answer nicely the next time he calls.  Andrea handed the phone to Fitz and we said goodnight. I hung up, I lied back in my bed, looked at the time, and thought to myself “oh, boy.”


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