6 de mayo del 2016, viernes

Sunday, October 24, 2010. It had been a few weeks since I’d seen Fitz and I couldn’t stop gushing about him to my roommates and referring to him as my boyfriend because I didn’t know his name. The 7th annual scare crawl was going on downtown so naturally Melinda, my roommate and PIC, went out. She dressed up as a zombie and I was a vampire- wearing my black leather jacket and all black cowboy boots. The night was fresh and ours for the taking and I was secretly hoping Fitz would be out and that we would run into him.  We walked to Cinema Bar to start the crawl and inquire about the participating bars but they told us we were late and that we had missed a few stops. The next bar on the list was the Irish Pub in San Pablo Square where my friend, Andrea, was bartending. Melinda and I decided to catch up on drinks and make our way toward the Irish Pub.

We got to the Irish Pub and the Captain Morgan girls were giving away free shots and t-shirts so we grabbed a couple even though we both hate rum. Melinda spotted Fitz standing at the bar with some friends and she leaned over and said, “there is your boyfriend, lets go say hi.” I looked to where she had pointed and saw him. He was wearing a black Raiders Jersey and he looked handsomer than I remembered. My liquid courage had decided to suddenly ditch me and I was nervous. Melinda tapped Fitz on the shoulder and as he turned around she said, “Hey, how’s it going? This is my friend Sherry” and pushed me forward. My stomach started doing flips, I lost my words, and my hands got clammy. Fitz saw me and said, “Hi, how are you? Could I get you something to drink?” I said “sure, I’ll have a shot of Jamo with a sprite back,” remembering to specify this time. Fitz got himself a shot of Jack as it was his favorite whiskey at the time.

We had our drinks and the noise of the crowded bar melted away as I gave him my full attention while we talked. The dimmed lights made for the perfect setting as I learned his name, heard him laugh, and saw him smile. Melinda touched my arm, sucking me out of the trance, and the loud noise of the drunken crowd flooded back into my ears. What just happened to me?

The crawl was moving to Fire Fighter Bistro so I thanked Fitz for my drink and said, “see you.”

October 31, the best day of the year. The 8th street house next to the Thai restaurant was filled with exhilarating energy. Melinda, Monique and I were blaring music upstairs and each of our rooms were designated to hair, makeup, and clothes. The eyelashes were glued, the glitter was sprayed, and we left the rooms littered with shot glasses, Jameson, Captain Morgan and PBRs. Monique was meeting up with her boyfriend while Melinda and I were headed to Fonzie V’s. It had been a week since I’d seen Fitz-he was dressed as an army guy this time and was killing it behind the bar. Although he was busy, I noticed his jaw drop and stop everything he was doing to stare at me and watch me walk by- I sent him a smile and waved. Melinda and I fully enjoyed the festivities upstairs and downstairs and we danced until the pain of our heels became unbearable. The crowd started to slowly filter out and we were able to claim two purple stools at the bar. I set my sweater down on the stool next to me and Fitz was able to take a break to chat. He fed the receipt paper and wrote down his name and phone number and I noticed he seemed tentative to hand it to me but did anyway. He told me to call him and I said “okay,” thinking I’d never have the guts to because I wasn’t that kind of girl. It was time to go and Melinda and I dragged our selves back home. When I got up to my room, I took Fitz’ phone number out of my purse and threw it in my trash can. If he wanted to talk to me, he would have to ask for my phone number like a gentleman and court me properly. That is when I realized I didn’t have my sweater and that I had to puke but someone was in the bathroom and the closest thing to me was my trash can (the same trash can that currently sits in the bathroom of our apartment). I quickly took his number out and puked my guts out. I sent him a text.

i November 1, 2010

Monday 2:00 AM

Hey, it’s Sherry from Fonzie V’s
I think I left my sweater there

Let me check
No it’s not here

Ok, thanks for checking


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