The Night We Met

3 de mayo del 2016, martes

We met in September 2010. It was a friend of a friend’s birthday and I was dragged out to go dancing at a somewhat decent place. The birthday girl, Cora, was trashed, pushy, and a flat out bitch. I decided to ditch the birthday and go to my favorite dive bar, Fonzie V’s. A place where there is no dress code, no lines to get in, good music, and cheap drinks. The two other friends that managed to escape with me were tying to find me a guy to make-out with because my plaid dress was on point. The girls suggested I talk to a guy in a plaid shirt as they thought our matching outfits would be a good conversation starter and we would look cute. I decided it was not a good idea and walked up to the bar to get a drink.

The bartender, Fitz, and I locked eyes in awe of each other for what felt like 10 minutes. I came to and ordered two shots of whiskey. He immediately reached for the bottle of Jack and I had to quickly correct him and told him I needed Jameson with Sprite backs. This fluttered him, I smiled, thanked him, and asked to close out. He said, “I got this” and I walked back to my friends-excited about our free drinks.

We watched each other the rest of the night and exchanged secret smiles until  “Last Call!” and it was time to go.


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